Well, men love watching their women in lingerie. But, the matter of the fact is that women equally love to wear lingerie. They go to the best sexy lingerie store to get the best for themselves. The actual reason why women love to wear the sexy attire is to look and feel sexy. Women get real good confidence and they feel good about themselves when they see themselves looking sexy in a lingerie.

Since many centuries, lingerie has taken many forms. But, the purpose was the same. Historically corsets were used by women to give themselves an hour glass figure as historically it was a desirable feature in a woman to have small waists. It was quite uncomfortable at that time.

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Nowadays, women psychologically wants to feel and look perfect. So that, when they look into a mirror, they can love themselves. Lingerie helps women to cover the so called imperfections and hide their flaws. Lingerie helps women to visually reduce or increase certain body parts to get a good figure.

Other than this, the type to cloth and fabric also plays an important role. Silk or satin is very pleasing and comfortable to women on their bare skin and hence they prefer these kinds of fabrics.Silk is especially preferred in nightgowns as the fabric makes a woman feel sexy and comfortable.

Women also want a great sex life as men do. Great lingerie acts as a catalyst for both the single and married women. Men get attracted to lingerie as it is visually pleasing to their sexual senses. Women also work as hard as men and they also deserve comfortable sleep. A good silk or satin night gown or other lingerie will be the perfect hugging partner for a woman to get a comfortable good night sleep. Love lingerie, love yourself.

By Leonel Thompson

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