Choosing automotive workwear for your employees should require some thought. As a shop owner or dealership manager, you well understand the need for quality, comfortable clothing that also is safe for your employees to wear.

Safety comes first

Depending on their jobs, some automotive workers are potentially faced with dangerous situations if the proper care is not taken. Consider all the chemicals and other substances found in auto shops, it is important uniforms and protective gear are designed to protect your employees. Aside from being unsanitary, if any substances seep through the clothing, this creates a potential safety hazard for employees.

When selecting your uniforms, be sure you choose the right kind that matches the job description. For instance, you don’t want your mechanics wearing the same clothing your salespersons on the floor are wearing. You can still choose matching clothing for your organization to align with your brand, but be sure safety is considered for each employee role.

Look for durability

One of the primary things to look for when selecting uniforms, especially for your mechanics, is durability.  Their clothing needs to be tough enough to withstand the substances they are exposed to and come into contact with on a daily basis, including oils, grease, caustic fluids and the other sticky substances.  

You want to ensure the clothing protects them. As an additional bonus, by putting an emphasis on durability when you select your employees’ clothing, it’s also cost-effective in the long run because the workwear is made to last.

Strive for comfort

Your salespersons could be out showing customers new cars on a hot sweltering day or your mechanics may inside be lifting heavy machinery, consider all the temperature fluctuations employees may be subjected to. You want to make certain the clothing they wear keeps their bodies at a comfortable temperature.

If people are uncomfortable in their designated uniform, it could make for a miserable day. Additionally, select automotive workwear that allows workers the flexibility they need to move around in their jobs. For instance, your mechanics could be stuck under a car for hours or moving around all day as they conduct vehicle inspections; the right fit matters.  Also, don’t forget the small details, such as pockets!

Be stylish!

Who says durable, safe, and comfortable clothing has to be boring? While it’s true those factors should come first, don’t discount style when choosing work clothing for your employees. There are a variety of styles to choose from, pick one that gives employees a sense of panache with a custom, professional appearance.

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By Leonel Thompson

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