Expert Tips to Prepare Your Hair for Winter — Christopher James

The winter months can be cold, wet, and feel very long. It’s perfectly normal to struggle with your hair at this time of the year but there are things you can do to reverse the negative effects of winter on your hair. Static, split ends, and dryness can be an issue but you can have healthy-looking locks all winter long with a simple hair care routine.

Reduce Exposure

Wear a hat or try out a more protective style. Style your hair in a braid or a low bun to protect your locks from extreme weather. If you choose to wear a hat, avoid synthetic fabrics or line your favorite beanie with a silk cap.

Spread Out Your Hair Washing Days

Winter is a great time to spread out your hair-washing days. Shampoo strips the natural oils from your hair. To reduce irritation and dryness further, use a conditioner with no silicones and a sulfate-free shampoo. 

Use Warm Rather Than Hot Water

A hot steaming shower can feel good on a cold winter day but the high temperature of the water and the steam sap the moisture from your hair. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a hot bath or shower but turn down the temperature when it comes to washing and rinsing your hair. 

Give Your Hair Some Winter Pampering

It’s vital that you condition your hair during the winter because it hydrates your hair. There are several ways you can pamper your hair. Use a lightweight balancing conditioner along with deep conditioning treatments. Also, think about sealing the ends with hair oil if your hair is starting to feel frizzy. 

Buy a Humidifier

Having the heating cranked up at home dries out the air which is not good for your skin or your hair. Add some moisture back with a humidifier. 

Dry Your Hair Before Going Out

Your hair is three times more fragile when it’s wet. Never go outside with damp or wet hair. Dry your hair thoroughly before going out. 

If you take the time to focus on your hair care routine and you’ll be able to reveal your best hair when spring comes around. 

By Leonel Thompson

Anna Thompson: Anna, a former fashion editor, offers readers a curated look into the world of high fashion. Her blog features runway analysis, designer profiles, and style tips.