Shipping a material from one country to another country is a matter of security and safety which can’t be ensured from just any services. The Planet Express offers the services to cover your needs. Though the delivery time and price for each method is determined separately depending upon various factors. But each method is reliable and avails indemnity in the delivery of the product. The consolidation method is an option but single package delivery is also unswerving. The methods used in the delivery are:

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  1. USPS Express International: It is delivered by local post at the destination and thus delivery time is not exact. Normally the delivery time takes up to 10-14 business days. The discount offered is up to 35-40% via USPS. Tracking of the package is also
  2. USPS Priority International: It is cheaper than the USPS express method but the tracking service is still available. The delivery usually takes 15-20 business days.
  3. FedEx Priority International: FedEx Priority the fastest and most reliable services worldwide. Full tracking is available for the product. the discount offered is up to 70-75% and the package will be delivered within 3-5 business days. Packages which are to be delivered to the Asia Pacific needs an MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet).
  4. FedEx Economy International: It is economical compared to FedEx Priority International. The only difference is in the delivery time as there is no hurry. The delivery takes up to 4-7 business days. Full tracking is
  5. DHL Express: it offers very fast shipping services that only takes 2-4 business days. The DHL express is the best option for European The discount is passed to the customers directly for savings. Usual savings are 70-75% in postage.
  6. Planet Mail Express: It is facilitated as an additional method by the service to give better savings to the customers. Delivery within 17-25 business days. Tracking is available.
  7. Planet Mail Economy: This is the only method in which tracking is not available . The delivery time is 30 business days.

All the charges for shipping are calculated by Postage Calculator for the efficient and perfectly estimated rate.

By Leonel Thompson

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