PlanetExpress is a US based mail and packaging service provider. If you live outside the US and want to shop from US retailers. Then, the PlanetExpress is one of the best ways to shipping of products at your doorsteps.  At the present, every person wants to online shopping from different e-commerce websites.   If you live in Europe, Asia and anywhere in the world, then the US retailer not offers shipment for you. The US retailer doesn’t give the option for outside US customers. The PlanetExpress is an intermediate to shipping the products from US retailer.

This platform offers some requirements for customer to fulfill, and then they get the products. They need from the customer to make an account on this platform and activate with $5. The PlanetExpress offer the postage calculator for the customer to calculate the shipping charges according to the destination.  They offer discount offer on all shipping methods.  The customer easily aware of the shipping charges of products according to the destination address.

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For shopping with US retailer, then the customer needs to create an account on PlanetExpress and get us address. On this address, the retailer sends your package, after receiving the product at the warehouse. The expert team consolidation of products and click the pictures. After that, the warehouse sends your package to your address at your worldwide destination. They also offer the package tracking option, the customer easily knows about the product location and how much time package receive the package order.       There are some key points of PlanetExpress such as:

  • Best shipping charges
  • Track package
  • No hidden charges
  • Better customer support
  • Better security of product package

For more information, you can easily visit the official website and get better customer support.

By Leonel Thompson

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