London Loafers is men’s and women’s shoe company that specialises in driving shoe style loafers.

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Created to be the antidote to boring with a wide selection of colourful suedes, out-there prints leaving little to be desired by the most eccentric of people, whilst offering some original styles and and more subtle tones for the more understated person.

Loafers by London Loafers are hand-finished to order in England and influenced by the vibrant colours and culture of one of the best cities in the world. Made in a Derbyshire workshop with quality leathers and comfort and fit in mind their loafers follow the same design and manufacturing principles as the original driving shoes made in Italy in the 1960’s for wealthy roadster owners.

Now London Loafers is re-inventing the loafer by making it available to everyone with affordable loafers for everyones budget starting at just £49.99 a pair they are the ideal unconventional but versatile shoe to help express your true colours, uniqueness and personality.

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By Leonel Thompson

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