Even the nail paintings that were not so expensive have gone up a lot and I also did not find the exact color I wanted. That’s why I started looking and I found this recipe to make a nail polish with eye shadows!! Go to msmee.com it seems great because I always buy more shadows than I use and then I cannot use them because they beat me, so this is one of those situations of two birds with one shot. I share the recipe for you to also try it:

The materials we need for this DIY are:

  • Transparent nail polish
  • Shade for eyes of the color that you like
  • A wooden stick to stir
  • A brush of a varnish that you no longer have and that is well cleaned
  • A plastic or glass container to make the mixture
  • Once you have all the materials you can start

How make matte nail polish is done?

Well, very simple! Pay attention to this step by step:

The first thing you have to do is pour the contents of a shadow into the container (it can be matte or shiny, that depends on you). Of course you do not need to be a whole shadow, put the amount you think is necessary to paint your nails. An extra recommendation is to take advantage of the old shadows you have out there.Then you have to start adding drops of transparent enamel in the container. That is why it is better that it is made of plastic or glass, because it will be much easier to clean it later. See make matte nail polish.

Add enough to make a paste.The next thing is to mix these two things well with the wooden stick until it is of the consistency of a normal nail painting. Now with an old nail paint brush that you have been able to clean scramble to finish mixing super well the new trend of the nails is to bring matt enamel. The matte is a dull opaque texture. This you can find in beauty stores of any color, but in this article I will tell you how to achieve that effect by doing it yourself. You will only need a few ingredients, patience and creativity.


  • To avoid spoiling your favorite glazes, mix them in a separate bowl and stir with a toothpick.
  • Use a special brush for nails without worrying about mistreating the one that is already incorporated in the enamel.
  • For greater contrast, apply points or lines of normal enamel.


Pour in equal parts the color of eye shadow that you like and transparent enamel in a container. Mix and apply Remember Do not apply transparent base later, remember that the objective is to achieve a matt effect.  Check more at make matte nail polish.

Voilá! You have your new nail varnish ready to use. Try it first on a single nail and see if the consistency is right and if it is properly mixed, if you do not go back to step 2 to fix it! Also keep in mind that you have to paint your nails at the moment because it dries quite quickly and is ruined.


By Leonel Thompson

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