Technological advancement has been increased at a rapid rate. When compared with the last decade, technology, technology is growing at a mind-boggling pace, and society is growing with it. No doubt, the speed of change is dizzying, but some techniques constantly evolve even while growing. One such technology is the Wristwatch. It became an important accessory or gadget in the 20th century. The career of wristwatches has been filled with depths of seas, and even it climbed the mountains and got landed back again on the moon.

With the introduction of the smartphone, the actual need for watches has become disappeared in recent times. Do you know why wristwatches are quite popular? If not now, how it evolved and what was the need of the hour? Let us know what makes the Wristwatch an archaic gadget, which is quite important to know what the 21st century holds in terms of technology. You can shop here the trendiest wristwatches with advanced technology.

The Varying world of Wristwatch

In the last century, Wristwatch was considered an accessory for women but wasn’t useful. After the First World War, people tend to understand the practical use of Wristwatch. When people returned from the First World War, the wristwatches had become a unisex item and has gained massive popularity. Over the 20th Century, the wristwatches were not only a fashion accessory but have become an important tool.

Tool watches were created for soldiers, drivers, pilots, mountain climbers, and many other hobbies and professionals. With time, there were many features and functions introduced in wristwatches, which ensure that watch lingered current. The biggest change was made in Wristwatch in the 1970s with the Quartz Revolution. 

Digital watches became popular than traditional mechanical watches in the 1980s. Digital watches were ugly and boxy at the same time. Mechanical watches, when compared to the Quartz revolution, were fashionable to wear and were sophisticated.

Wristwatches in 21st century

In the first two decades, the technology history of the 21st century is revolving around mobile phones. By the year 2000, mobile phones were widely used and had become a necessity. Earlier, mobile phones had minor functions like music, videos, and games, but they also destabilized Wristwatch’s function and usage. The mobile phones made Wristwatch obsolete.

But again, the time of Wristwatch is here, and they are making a serious comeback. It isn’t easy to keep up with prognostications. The main function of wristwatches was timekeeping, but it has hardly become a necessity nowadays.

The Rise of Smartwatches

The wristwatches have managed to be relevant in modern times but updating their motto. As mobile phones overtook Wristwatch’s function, the watches become smarter, and this is the time of smartwatch. Smartwatches are now available in different styles and forms, but the basic one is a touchscreen-activated timepiece. Inventors are trying to make more smartwatches more advance for younger generations. The smartwatches are now available with phone calls, sound recorders, video displays, and many other functions and attribute common with smartphones.

By Leonel Thompson

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