If we talk about something in a fashion which has not been replaced yet then no one can take a spot of embroidery design. Yes, it was very popular in the traditional time period but still a desire for lots of people to get printed on their garments. The embroidery techniques have totally changed due to evolution in the technology. If you want to get an embroidery design on your t-shirt, then you are suggested to access the dig printing Santa Clara platform, which is known for offering the best class embroidery work to their clients at the very reasonable prices.

Embroidery has become a one hand task.

The days were gone when embroidery on the clothes was done with the hands and took a couple of days for the completion of one order. Due to advancements in the technology, the embroidery work has totally based on the high end machine, which hardly takes a few minutes to make this design on the clothes. The people of this era are highly admired to get tees with the embroidery designs because it gives them a traditional touch feel on their modern wear. The dig printing Santa Clara is known for offering a wide range of designs that can be chosen by you for the tees that you will order form their platform.

Type of embroideries offered them

  1. Flat embroidery

This is the most used type of embroidery, which is highly demanded by the client shown they access dig printing Santa Clara for ordering tees. It is the best option for small details. You would surely have got the idea from the name that this type of embroidery is close to the surface of the cloth. You will not feel like something extra on your tees as the design will take the appearance of any bump, which will be a good thing for you.

  1. 3d puff embroidery

This kind of embroidery is totally different from the flat embroidery as in this embroidery; the design is filled with the foam to give it a 3d appearance. The dig printing Santa Clara suggested it as the best embroidery if you want to place an order for any child. The entire character will look different from the t-shirt, and you will surely get the best quality designs from them. You must keep one thing in mind that it is quite an expensive type of embroidery as it requires more detailed knowledge of the artist.

  1. Partial 3d puff embroidery

This is a kind of embroidery in which both flat and 3d embroideries are combined for the formation of one design. You will have to pay quite a high amount of money for getting this type of design on your tees, but there is n doubt that it will add a stunning appearance to the personality of the person who will wear this trust. So you should surely access the dig printing Santa Clara if you wish to get this design for your custom tees.

By Leonel Thompson

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