There are moments in our life which we consider special, most times which is graced by our loved ones may be a girlfriend or wife. These special moments deserve special gifts with which it should be celebrated with. A ring is one of the special gifts which we can offer at such times.

Some of us know the moments in which a ring should be given, for all those who do not know it, below is a list of five times that deserves the gift of a ring.

1. Promise

The promise ring is best known for being the first of the rings that a couple gives to each other to demonstrate love, fidelity, and commitment. They are characterized by being simple and as a very romantic detail can include a small stone. This ring is given during the courtship period and goes a long way to say “this relationship is going so well that it could go a step further towards a more lasting commitment”.

2. Commitment

One of the best surprises that life gives! After your partner asks you the question and you say yes, the ring is placed on the ring finger of the left hand. It is usually a ring of white or yellow gold with a diamond, although others decide to be original and apply other styles of stones. The reason for placing it on this finger is due to the fact that in the past it was believed that there is a vein that goes directly to the heart and thus was given to understand that this symbol represents a formal commitment to marriage.

3. Marriage Ring

During the wedding, there is a moment in which you will exchange matrimonial rings to celebrate the alliance that will unite you forever. These rings are made of gold or platinum because these metals symbolize the beauty and durability of marriage. Each one usually carries the name of the couple recorded inside and the date of the link. After the wedding, it is tradition to use them on the ring finger together with the engagement ring.

4. Celebration

There are those who give a ring to their wife after the birth of their first child and those who prefer to reserve them for the most important anniversaries such as 10, 15 or 20 years. These rings can replace the marriage alliance or used with it.


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By Leonel Thompson

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