There are brides and then there are bridezillas. A bride is suggestive but firm when necessary and using has a smile on her face. A bridezilla on the other hand… well… anything can (and will) happen. Here are some recent picks from a Reddit thread titled, “Wedding Shop workers, what are your worst bridezilla stories?”

Moment 1: Forgetting to actually buy the dress

A bride shopping at a bridal wear boutique with her mum witnessed a fairly amusing meltdown that could’ve easily been avoided.

Another bride and her mother walk into the store and say to the assistant that they’re here to pick up the dress for alterations. The assistant looks up the name and becomes a little alarmed, informing the mother that they had never actually bought the dress – it had only been put on hold.

The assistant shows her the details on the screen of the computer where it is in black and white. They’d put the dress on hold, and then, after the store’s 2 week waiting period had lapsed, the dress was returned to the store floor – eight months earlier. Of course, in the months that had gone by, the dress had been sold.

And so, triggered the mum’s meltdown, “This is unacceptable! We have her alterations scheduled in two hours! The wedding is a week away! I can’t believe you sold her dress!”, and meanwhile the bride to be (understandably) was in tears.

What, sold a dress that they hadn’t paid for, that they’d never re-requested 8 months earlier? The mind boggles. Maybe if she’d chosen a Maggie Sottero dress she wouldn’t have forgotten to buy it.

Moment 2: The case of the dwindling bride

It’s true that many brides lose a lot of weight in the lead up to their weddings. This may either be planned weight loss (to look damn good in those photos!) or it might just be from the stress leading up to the big day.

This story comes from a seamstress who was making a beautiful bias cut dress for a bride to be. Now, while bias cut dresses look stunning, they are also notoriously difficult to make. With the bride in another state, she and her mother would come in for fittings.

Each time? The daughter had lost weight. While this was extremely annoying for the seamstress to begin with it was the mum’s reaction that really left her reeling – with the mum screaming that the daughter hadn’t lost any weight each time!

Now when you do a job like that all your life you can be real sure when someone is losing weight, no matter what their crazy mum says.

After a repeat of this 3 times (including the screaming) she felt the need to hand over the dress and cut ties. No, it didn’t look great as it was loose, but hey – she wasn’t putting up with that kind of ridiculous behaviour anymore!

Moment 3: Bridesmaids gone wild

Yes, bridesmaids the movie is kind of a real thing, some bridal parties really do behave like that. Like the salesgirl who witnessed the team of 5 lovely ladies roll into her store hammered one day. After it became obvious how drunk they were, it all played out like a comedy of sorts.

Bride having to be propped up by the salesgirl in the dressing room because she couldn’t stand up properly by herself? Check. Bridesmaids absolutely screaming (with apparent glee) each time she walked out in a dress? Check. A bridal gown way out of her budget that one of the bridesmaids ended up spotting on her credit card? Check. Mysterious brown liquid all over the toilet afterwards? Check. It’s almost too disturbing to be true.

By Leonel Thompson

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