What is an E14 LED bulb?

Unlike any other bulbs, EA14 bulb is the one with screw base. E14 LED Bulbs are among the best and the most commonly used bulbs in the households these days. E14 LED bulbs are best suitable for fittings and lamps where a decorative type of bulb is required. The decoration seems to be natural and becomes the centre of attention with the bulb. The range of E14 LED bulbs are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and lounges where you want a relaxing and cosy atmosphere to entertain guests or to wind up your whole day’s stress. The E14 LED candle bulb is made from a thermal plastic material in order to give the bulb a warm and natural glow to resemble a candle light so that it would provide you with an eye-friendly and soft light that ensures there’s no harsh gaze that would affect your eye sight. These are mostly used in wall-lights or table lamps and chandeliers where the E14 LED will give you just the perfect lighting according to your requirements whether to enjoy a quiet dinner, watch some casual TV program or have a friendly chat with the neighbours and friends.

Why you should choose E14 LED bulb

E14 LED bulbs are considered as the most eco friendly bulbs today as they contain no toxic chemicals within it. When it comes to energy savings, it can last in between 10,000 to 40,000 hours, that is, it has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. In contrast, traditional bulbs not only consume more power but also cannot last more than 1,000 hours. Consumption of E14 LEDs is just 3.5-5.5W approximately. The E14 LED bulbs are available in high-quality material with candle shaped, spotlight-shaped 5W LEDs, as well as in plastic coating. These LED bulbs are 14mm diameter which are among the most commonly used bulbs in the homes of UK these days. The environment-friendly E14 LED bulbs offer dimmable and non-dimmable varieties. They run even after several hours of non-stop usage, and are also the most cost-effective and energy-efficient, that is, the best alternative to traditional power-hungry bulbs. When you consider the level of efficiency with its cost savings, you can not only enjoy the negligible maintenance costs along with a superior lifespan but also reduce your lighting bill up to 90%.

By Leonel Thompson

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