When your little ones are bored and you do not really know what to do with them, you can look for creative hobbies to develop their artistic side. Moreover, children have always been attracted to manual activities. Whether it is their very first drawing or a freshly painted painting, children are then proud to show their creation to the whole family and enjoy the appreciation they receive. Some games specializing in creative hobbies now allow young and old alike to easily and step by step make decorative objects, pearl jewelry, key chains, paintings, stationery, and figurines of their favorite characters, mosaics or even pompoms in the shape of animals. These creative leisure games can be easily bought with Brands for Less coupon Bahrain at amazing prices. Crazy plastic, Hama beads in the Pixel Art spirit, creative kit in beads, sequins, plasticine, candle maker, badge creation for budding fashionistas, there are all kinds and for all ages.

Best Creative Games for Children

My Coloring Animals by Crayola

Children will be able to customize animals using special Crayola markers. Young and old will love bringing them to life by creating beautiful patterns and designs, which will then transform them into superheroes or wild animals. To start over and play again, just give them a scrub in the tub to wash out the colors.

Crazy Plastic by Creative Seed

Crazy Plastic allows children to create their own jewelry, key rings and other magnets in the shape of animals or characters. After having decorated, colored and cut out this pretty owl, you just have to put it in the oven. Magic, the leaf reduced by 7 times during cooking. From 4 years old, this creative game which you can buy from Brands for Less coupon Bahrain should always be played under the supervision of an adult for the passage in the oven.

Kit to Create Plaster Animals by Mako Castings

This kit allows kids to create effigy of forest animals, owls, foxes and squirrels. The kit contains only what to make of each character however, you can always buy additional refills with special creation plaster from Mako Moulages. The kit includes six cans of paints and a brush to help paint and decorate the figurines. Though, it is very easy to use, it can be used under the supervision of an adult.

Barbie Sewing Machine by Lexibook

If your little girl likes sewing clothes, this Barbie machine is the perfect choice to buy with Brands for Less coupon Bahrain. The toy includes everything required for sewing clothes for barbie dolls. The machine is battery operated and holds no risk of any accident. You will also find a box of sewing threads, small fabric pieces and scissors.

A Thousand and One Nights Sequins To Embroider by Janod

You will love this creative kit on the thousand and One Nights theme. Your child will be able to embroider the five pictures using the plastic needle. The paintings are perforated at the locations of the sequins, which is ideal for a first initiation to embroidery, an activity that promotes calm and concentration. The kit contains three threads of different colors and 150 sequins of five shapes and five different colors which make it a very good purchase with Brands for Less coupon Bahrain.

By Leonel Thompson

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