Change is good especially when it is more beneficial. The change from cotton laces to the lock laces is increasing. Most people are ditching the cotton laces because of the lock laces. The elastic laces are a new invention in the shoe industry. They have outwitted the negativity of the traditional laces. This has made them beneficial. Listed below are the advantages of the pliable laces.


Are you interested in buying and wearing unique outfits? The lock laces will definitely impress you. This is because you will be unique to most individuals. This is because they will still be using the traditional laces. The design of the lock laces is unique. That includes the way is it tied and locked. These shoelaces are made of numerous colors. This makes them extremely unique and very attractive. They add beauty.

Flexibility for comfort

Cotton Laced shoes always caused discomfort for its users.  That is why the arthritis patients cannot use them. This is because cotton is not flexible. Its rigid nature would fasten the shoe to the foot properly but result in discomfort. However, the elastic laces provide flexibility for comfort. It does not pressure the foot despite its contours. Putting on the shoe will become more comfy for its users.

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Saves time

Do you know that most people waste a lot of time tying their laces? The most affected people are the kids. This is because they have not mastered the skill of tying the cotton laces. Hence, they waste their precious time untying and tying the laces. The adults are victims of time wasting due to traditional laces. The lock laces never waste your time. This is because you only tie them once during installation.

Installation process

Since the no tie laces are different from the traditional lace that does not mean that tying them is hard. Unlike the cotton laces, the elastic laces have a lock. This makes their installation process to be very dissimilar. The pliable shoe laces have a simple installation process. There are countless installation designs that a user can learn. Retailers have posted the installation procedures in their websites.

Environmental friendly

The environment has been degraded for a very long time. This has forced governments all over the world to implement laws to preserve the environment. If you are passionate about environmental preservation, you will want products made from environmental friendly materials. Elastic lock laces are made from silicone. Silicone is apparently an environmental friendly material.

Variety of choices

There are numerous types of elastic laces in the market. This provides the buyers with a variety of choices. The design of the laces differs greatly. It is advisable to compare the designs. That will make it easy for you to identify the most suitable design. The choices can be influenced by the color of the laces. Always pick the shoelaces whose color meets your tastes and preferences.


After installing the laces, you will not need to adjust them again. This is because the initial adjustment will perfectly fit your feet. Hence, you will be slipping in and out the shoe without any hassles. This feature makes it beneficial especially for the athletes. They will not be concerned if the shoe will fall off while in the competition. The lace will force the shoe to adjust to the exact size of the foot.

No restrictions

These laces can serve every individual. That is regardless of their age and sex. Unlike most products in the market, the pliable laces are unisex. Apart from that, they can be adjusted to fit individuals with bigger feet. Hence, no one is excluded when it comes to using the elastic laces. Their stretching ability is amazing. The laces cannot break easily. The silicon material used to make it is very elastic.

Grip on the eyelets

The adjustable shoe laces have a very firm grip on the eyelets. However, the tension it exerts on the eyelets is not destructive. The cotton laces could remove the eyelets and crack the edges of the shoes when fastened tightly. Continuous tightening of the cotton laces will make the shoes to depreciate much faster. Elastic laces have no negative effect on the eyelets. Thus, it is a better alternative for tying shoes.

This new innovation in the shoe industry is slowly gaining popularity. More people are embracing it and this can be proved by the increase in its sales turnover. What makes the elastic laces distinct from traditional laces is their capability to make the shoe more comfortable.

By Leonel Thompson

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