Life is a beautiful gift of God. In this large world, we all play a tiny part in making somebody happy. We try to express our affection towards our special ones with small gestures. There are so many ways to capture a feeling in a token. Such beautiful tokens can be anything: a pendant, a keychain or a ring.  A ring seems very tiny but it is a great token of love. A ring expresses your love, affection, commitment and compassion towards your loved one. And especially if it’s a Morganite ring, then definitely it’s a lifetime emotional attachment.

Morganite rings are rings in which a special gemstone is paired. These gemstones appear from pale pink to orange-pink varieties. The Morganite beryl is famous for its unique peculiarity. Morganite rings are powerful, filled high vibration. Morganite rings are universal stone rings of unconditional love.

Morganite is raising its value and popularity lately in today’s world. With its lending modest appearance, it is perfect for a woman’s jewellery collection. It has already become a trend. Moreover, these Morganite rings have turned the new alternative version of diamond engagement rings. These rings can take your heart away instantly at a glance.

Why Morganite and not a Diamond ring?

  • Cost effectiveness: The Morganite rings are really inexpensive when you compare it with diamond rings. Thus rather than splurging your hard earned bucks on diamond piece, smart brides these days are investing a comparatively small amount of money to buy a pretty lustrous Morganite ring. So if you can have as much a pretty ring as a diamond ring at a lower price, then anyone would choose a Morganite ring over a diamond ring.
  • Long lasting: Morganite makes a great alternative to diamonds. When you compare it on the Mohs scale of hardness, it stands in between 7.5 to 8 whereas diamond comes on 10. It means Morganite is sturdy enough and if you properly take care of Morganite engagement ring then it will sparkle for a lifetime. Hence Morganite rings are a once but long term investment.

Healing Properties of Morganite

Morganite has many healing properties. The stone is not only beautiful and heartwarming but it contributes tremendously towards our physical, emotional and spiritual elements of life and makes our life sparkle just like itself.

  • Morganite appears in pale pink colors and its shine is just similar to the rays of sunshine. Just like the morning rays of the sun, Morganite gives you immense power to fight with various physical diseases. Morganite helps you recover from heart and lungs diseases. People on an everyday basis face so many problems and are very stressed. The pink gemstone helps in treating stress-related diseases. It counters heart-related problems, as problems of lungs, and other vital organs along with it can help to relax your anxiety too.
  • We, humans, experience a high range of emotions and we sometimes fail to understand the deepest emotions within ourselves. Morganite helps us experience and understand these emotions. It helps to control your fear and anger which directs us towards a better life. Morganite enlightens our life as it helps us overcome fear, hidden traumas and lead a prosperous life. Morganite gives us confidence about being ourselves fully. Morganite has the ability to balance your life smooth your relationships.
  • As the Morganite connects with our heart chakra, it gives us hope. It enables us to lead a peaceful life with the utmost patience and confidence. As we become able to understand ourselves and our environment, we become more empowered to lead a happy and prosperous life. Morganite wearers lead a life of harmony and prosperity.

Morganite Ring with Pink Sapphire and Diamond Border, 18ct Rose Gold

Morganite brings goodness in life

It’s scientifically proven that some substances with correct fitting on several metals are very effective in health. It is an ideal crystal for realizing the equality in all relationships, and in developing effective but loving communication and expression.

These Morganite rings are particularly supportive of girls entering puberty who do not have a mother, and for younger women struggling with eating disorders. It also quiets stress, relieves pressure to perform, and reduces the pattern of avoidance and “running away” from situations. On the physical front, Morganite assists the larynx, tongue, thyroid gland, and aids in treatments for vertigo and impotence. It is excellent to treat asthma, tuberculosis as well as lung-related disease.

Keep the luster long to shine on your finger  

People are always in a dilemma of whether to wear this ring as daily wear or not? Morganite rings luster after it is cut and polished. It is worth mentioning again that Morganite rings don’t have eye-visible inclusions. It is really important to take care of your stones in order to maintain its importance for years. As the durability of Morganite rings are very good it can be used as daily wear but the main concern while caring your stones is scratching and dust. Therefore Morganite rings also regular cleaning in order to maintain its lustre. As per the researches, light exposures don’t damage the stone and color only heat and chemicals can, it is suitable for everyday wear. You might remove the ring while doing some harsh core or at the contact with any kind of chemical and you are good to go.

As mentioned already Morganite having several healing properties. If you wear Morganite rings on a daily basis, it will keep giving you mental support. You may find a rise in your confidence level as well. The best property of the Morganite stone is providing spiritual healing. Only meditation can heal the spirit but if you wear Morganite ring while meditating, that gives a mental peace as well.


Morganite rings are all about divine love, peace and joy. Being tremendously trending, Morganite rings are very useful for physical, emotional and mental health. It is equally affordable and durable. It has many advantages for a human being. With a Morganite ring, centuries of many things start. Seen as the stone of love and warmth, it is the perfect symbol of love. Now if you really love someone, you should always try gifting him/her a Morganite ring. Along with its pinkish beauty, Morganite will take good care of mental, physical and emotional health of your loved one.


By Leonel Thompson

Anna Thompson: Anna, a former fashion editor, offers readers a curated look into the world of high fashion. Her blog features runway analysis, designer profiles, and style tips.