How about using a tornado trio box to make the sound more powerful? Learn the top tips for choosing the best player and see where to find JBL trio box.The car stereo, Receiver or Media Center is one of the most important variables for those who want to have high quality sound. If this device is not very good, the whole system will be affected.

Top Tips for Quality Automotive Sound

CD / DVD Player Power

The player has a maximum power of up to 23w rms, so do not fall for the marketing of some manufacturers who promise more.

What usually happens is that mosfet amplification technology is used, but the internal amplifier is very large in relation to the panel space, so if you want to have a louder sound system, you should use a small amplifier module. .

Choose which type of system you want

It is important to know how to choose which system is best for your car.

There are basically two, and you choose according to what you want for your car:

Internal Sound

Perfect for those who want loud, quality sound that focuses in the car.

External sound

For those who want quality sound to use, even at parties, barbecues, etc.

Once you’ve chosen the type of sound you want, you can follow other tips to get the most out of your investment.

System Power Tips

This is a crucial point for anyone who wants to invest in a good sound.Generally, those who are setting up an automotive sound system, and who are new to the subject, look for the sound with as many rms as possible.What you need to know not to be passed over is: your sound system will not always reach the rms values ​​in the module or speaker.

What determines this, believe it or not, is the amount of battery it has in the system. Yes, the power (energy) of the sound depends entirely on the battery! Modules only turn this power on while the speakers receive.

For example: Assuming you have a 1000w rms module and a 1000w rms speaker, which needs 50 amps of battery for music consumption.

  • If the system has only 25 amps of battery, then the module will transform only 25 amps (i.e., around 500w rms) and the speaker will also only receive 500w rms.
  • This means that to get the most out of your system, you need to know how much battery power you will need to power your system, and calculate the power of modules and speakers.
  • That is, you can even use modules that are stronger than your battery, but it won’t be the most cost effective.

Find tornado trio box and have the best car stereo

It is a store that provides everything you need to have the best car sound. There are several handsets, such as trio tornado box, and a differentiated online service to deliver everything the customer wants as soon as possible.

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