We have named our top 3 costumes for fashion lovers this season, and with festival’s and parties undoubtedly approaching for summer, we hope that you will find some inspiration to help you pull together the best eye-catching costume that combines fantasy with fashion.


Mermaids are perfect for those fashionistas who want to create something with a sparkle or creative edge, you can really go above and beyond with this costume with details, accessories and make-up. You have the opportunity to use so many different materials such as sequins, silk, glitter, satin and netting to create a funky yet fashion chic stand-out piece. There are many routes you can go down in your costume style such as the classic red haired little mermaid, the more mythical glittery mermaid like that of Splash!, the more fish like yet chic little mermaid, or you could even use netting on your costume to make you look like you’re a mermaid caught in a net- which is ideal for Halloween.

And the fun continues with this ensemble when you do your make-up, as you can really go all out on the colour and contour. A new trend with this costume is using colours such as green and blue to contour with to give you a fish out of water mythical glow, using a holographic highlighter to finish it off.

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Poison Ivy

As Kim Kardashian has proved, Poison Ivy can be a truly chic and stylish fancy dress costume. With the bold red hair and green get up you are sure to steal the show as this classic Batman Villain. You could style it up with a customised ivy covered green dress like Kim, or simply find a stylish green dress and match it up with some ivy accessories, whether they be some fake ivy vines or ivy/nature inspired jewellery to create a more real-world fashionista Poison Ivy.

And of course, you get to be creative with the green make-up and red lips, with some copying the Uma Thurman stick on eye piece trend of the Batman film. A new trend that can be used for this costume is the use of stick on body jewellery, you can purchase stick on facial jewels that are often used by festival goers to help finish your Poison Ivy face and frame your eyes with green jewels.

Disney Princess/Disney Villain

Disney is always a great go to for costume inspiration with their vast array of characters. Disney is not just for kids, adult Disney costumes are a thing so you can be a princess at any age! You can style up a blue dress/blue top and skirt and tie your hair in a bun to create a modern-day Cinderella or you can go glam with a sophisticated pink gown and jewellery to create a red carpet sleeping beauty look. There are many ways you can style up the princesses to fit a modern dress code or create your own interpretation.

A new popular costume trend is to reject the idea of being the hero and to go as the villain. One of the chicest villain to date is Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, whose stunning make-up and pointed cheek bone contour has made villain make-up goals. Recreating her all black look and horns can be simple and you can most likely buy a horn headband or create your own and wrap it in leather like hers to steal the look.

By Leonel Thompson

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