Set up in 2011, Laboratory Perfumes are relatively new to the scent scene but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Crafting candles and fragrances that are inspired by some of the most beautiful scenery in France and Britain, there’s no denying that their popularity is well deserved.

Although the company takes a great deal of influence from the coasts and countryside in France, they are based entirely in the UK. 100% of the manufacturing takes place in the UK but this hasn’t stopped them selling on a global scale and Laboratory Perfumes are now widely available with sales as far reaching as New Zealand. This has been a meteoric rise to success from a company that started out so humbly just a few short years ago.

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The starting point for the brand was taking influence from nature and this has been a motto that runs through everything they do. By looking to develop perfumes that develop through the day, they have handcrafted a selection of gender-free fragrances that develop naturally throughout the day. This is more than you’re run of the mill fragrance, a lot of science has gone into developing fragrances for both men and women that will react to the wearer and change as the day progresses.

Laboratory Perfumes take a great deal of influence form nature and the countryside around them and this is even more pronounced when you look into the ethics behind the company. Having developed a small range of fragrances that are perfectly balanced to represent different aspects of British and French country lifestyles, the people behind Laboratory Perfumes have put the same amount of detail into packaging and sending out their perfumes to ensure the customer is always pleased.

One of the biggest themes throughout Laboratory Perfumes’ work is their dedication to the environment and loving what is around them and they have succeeded in this on numerous counts. As well as creating scents that perfectly demonstrate the beauty of the world around England and France, they are very environmentally conscious. Due to the way they think and act when it comes to the environment they have pushed to become as eco-friendly as possible and one massive part of this has been to make their packaging as recyclable as possible with 97% of the perfume bottles being recyclable.

Although they are a relatively new company the brand has seen incredible success throughout all of the countries it ships to worldwide. By filling the niche for gender-neutral scents and candles, they are appealing to the new generation. A generation that loves the little things in life such as a coastal walk on a sunny day or the first blooms of spring after and English winter. There’s no denying that these fragrances are subtle, unique and absolutely stunning.

By Leonel Thompson

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