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The first step is to find a massage therapist who agrees with your needs. On our website, each massage therapist describes their journey, their techniques, their approach and gives an overview of their personality. You can choose the therapist who seems to fit your needs and expectations. If in doubt or if you have a specific question, or a particular injury, our receptionists will be able to guide you.

Know that it is completely normal to prefer to be massaged by a woman or a man. Be comfortable choosing. However, a myth persists that men massage hard, and that women do relaxing massages. This is wrong. Women as well as men know how to apply weight transfer techniques and can adjust the pressure to your desire. On the other hand, do not forget that the massage does not need to be strong to be effective. With awesome weekend at Strom Spa  you can find the best deals now.

Prepare well

Put on comfortable clothes and avoid wearing your jewelry. No need to wear makeup and hair. Therapists appreciate good personal hygiene. Do not arrive on an empty stomach, a snack a few minutes before is required. Avoid coffee, do not forget to go to the bathroom, and especially, arrive 5 to 10 minutes in advance to avoid the stress of a delay.

Dare to mention your needs

During the initial interview, you will complete a health check and determine your needs. The massage therapist will ask you questions in order to fully understand your problem, both in terms of the symptoms experienced and your lifestyle (work, sport, leisure, sleep, etc.). You will establish the zones of tensions to be prioritized as well as the areas to avoid, and will agree parameters of the massage (pressure, rhythm, unwinding, etc.).

Conduct of a session

Most massages are done on a table with massage oil. A sheet covers the body, except the massaged part. The layup is professional and guarantees your privacy at all times. You are free to keep or remove your underwear but it may be advisable to remove them depending on the problem.

The therapist will make sure that you are comfortable during the session and will ask you if the pressure is satisfactory. Notify the therapist at any time during pain or discomfort, or if you want more or less pressure. Remember that YOU pay for your massage, so you have the right to mention what bothers you. That includes music.


Touch is an extremely important and often underestimated sense in our culture. By touch, we feel empathy and compassion as much as tensions. Emotions can arise during a massage, this is normal and therapists know this. Be comfortable letting go of your emotions and releasing the accumulated tension.

After your massage

After the session, the therapist will want to know your impressions. He will take this opportunity to give you some advice, and recommend stretches or exercises to do at home. No need to hurry back into your daily life. Sit down for a few moments and enjoy the relaxation. Drink plenty of water to promote the draining function of the massage.

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