MAC women trousers extra long are no stranger in the fashion world and this brand has become a major household name in European markets. The brand was established in the year 1973. Their mainstay is denim and they have been creating jeans of high quality over several decades. I also found their catalog of trousers extensive, both for men and women and of different styles and fabrics.

  • Style Trends in MAC Women Trousers Extra Long

If you love dabbling in the latest fashion trends, you will find MAC’s spring/summer collection to embrace unique themes this year. It is about digitalization as well as growing more aware of nature and the natural balance. Trends are showcased under the theme Awaken the summer. The styles have color concepts that interlock and feature mixes of materials. I especially like the way the natural colors meet with digitized fabric blends. All this is done with a focus on sustainability. Hence, when you purchase products of MAC you can be sure that you are buying MAC women trousers extra long that would stand the test of time. Fabrics, colors and other components are eco-friendly and ensure maximum comfort and wearability for the customers. 

There are two other trend themes that define their collections this year – ‘Nature Suntastic’ and ‘Future Sonic’. Collections are mainly part of the following segments:

  • Sportive
  • Jeans
  • Collection
  • Daydream
  • Styles to Look Out for in MAC Women Trousers Extra Long

If you are a tall woman and looking for the perfect fit in casual trousers and jeans, this is a brand to shop from. Their new collection for the spring and summer months of 2020 would feature the following:

  • You will find stretch denims of different styles, all of an innovative fabric with bi-elasticity features among MAC women trousers extra long.
  • Slim jeans and casual trousers would be a style to shop from this year – the push up slim cut is definitely in. I would definitely love to try one as the new collections hit the stores soon.
  • Light colored denims would be back as well, color and shade that exemplifies comfort for me. However, with MAC I can look forward to finding premium denim in a light blue shade that has excellent dying shades.
  • Dream cotton is a premier fabric blend that forms part of their Daydream collection. I would certainly keep aside a budget to invest in shortened fit denim of this collection. It would give me a chance to enjoy the luxe denim feel that comes from the high stretch product; it also assures durability across several wash cycles. You can be sure of whole day comfort when you opt for denim from this collection.
  • A style feature of their denim 2020 collections is the shortened 5 pocket styles; there are fashionable zips at hemlines that make them unique. It will definitely help you to make a style statement.
  • Trousers of the luxe cotton collection would also be worth trying. I would recommend the sports designs that combine cotton and satin finish for the perfect blend of stretch, comfort, and a luxe look. You will enjoy the dyeing effects as well; the summery colors on their new styles make me spoilt for choice.
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If you are a denim enthusiast as I am, MAC women trousers extra long are definitely worth investing in. Opt for the sales of last season which will help you enjoy their styles and fabric quality, unchanged through time.

By Leonel Thompson

Anna Thompson: Anna, a former fashion editor, offers readers a curated look into the world of high fashion. Her blog features runway analysis, designer profiles, and style tips.