The t-shirt is one of the most important clothing items for men. We all own a couple, but are any of them actually cool? Since t-shirts are so simple, it’s easy to overlook them, which is a shame! Trendy t-shirts have the potential to elevate your style. Ultimately, the technique for picking cool t-shirts for men will come down to fit, design and color.  

The fit of your t-shirt is the most important.

In order for a cool men’s t-shirt to be considered “cool,” it has to fit right! So, the way it hugs your body is what will make or break your style. Essentially, it should fit snug and comfy without being overly tight. The sides shouldn’t be baggy and should fit your torso perfectly. If you want a streetwear vibe, go for elongated tees that fit tighter around your chest and waist to make you look taller.

Another important part of the fit is the sleeves. You should make sure that the t-shirt fits snug on your arms. Tighter sleeves will make your body look fitter and your arms look bigger. If the openings on the sleeves are too wide, this tends to give the appearance of sloppiness. If this happens, fear not! Just fold the sleeves once or twice to get your sexy back.  

If the shirt is too long, it can make you appear shorter, unless you’re going for a streetwear aesthetic. It’s best to keep the length no further than your upper thighs. In the same token, don’t let it sit too high up on your stomach, unless you’re purposely going for a midriff look.

Always start with black and white t-shirts.

Before you buy a collection, always remember to start with your basic colors, like black and white. When it comes to cool tees for men, versatility is a must. Therefore, you should go for black and white pieces. These two colors are the best shades because they match pretty much all outfits. Black is known to match with almost everything, so you’ll also gain multiple wears out of it. White, although it may seem basic, pairs well with jeans.

Once you got black and white down, try choosing a completely different color from the color wheel, especially great if you want to stand out. For the summer, go for bright, bold colors like red. To look stylish at night, go for deeper shades like navy to complement your style with any nightlife surroundings.

Cool men’s t-shirts are no longer required to have designs.

The only exception to having designs on your tee is if you want the grunge vibe like vintage, band tees. It’s emits that 90s-inspired aesthetic known for nonchalant and worn-out looks. Generally, the more muted the design; the better it looks. These days, being fashionable doesn’t mean being a walking commercial for the brands you love. Rather, designers are focusing more on the fit.

In other words, today’s cool t-shirts for men focus less on logos. You shouldn’t get too caught up on what particular brand to get. Instead, you can experiment with edgy designs that don’t only rely on displaying their brand. In addition, the new wave of men’s cool tees now come with asymmetrical cuts, multiple pockets and slanted zippers.

Wait, what about t-shirts that are appropriate for summer?

Do you literally want the coolest t-shirts for men to keep your body cool? You can try tees made from cotton because they tend to be breathable and airy. Cotton is the most comfortable fabric for hot and humid weather. Linen is also an excellent alternative since it doesn’t stick to your skin.

Where can you find cool t-shirts for men and millennials alike?

Differio has the ultimate selection of tees for guys, from young millennials to silver foxes. At Differio, you’ll be able to find cool t-shirts for men that are so unique from other brands. If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world tee with a stylish cut, then go for on of their asymmetrical tees. If that’s not bold enough for you, then why not trying tops with zippers or rips. Not to mention, their collection of acid wash t-shirts are the coolest.

By Leonel Thompson

Anna Thompson: Anna, a former fashion editor, offers readers a curated look into the world of high fashion. Her blog features runway analysis, designer profiles, and style tips.