Wilderness Survival Kit: 10 Essentials You NEED - YouTubeEarthquakes can be dangerous and unpredictable. It is important to be prepared with the right supplies in case of a natural disaster. An earthquake kits can help you stay safe during and after an earthquake. This article will go over the most essential items that should be included in your earthquake kit. 


Food and Water 


Having food and water on hand is essential for any emergency situation. A good rule of thumb is to keep at least two liters of water per person per day stored in your home, as well as non-perishable food items like canned goods and energy bars that can last up to five years without deteriorating in quality. Make sure to check expiration dates regularly so you always have fresh food on hand when needed. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to have a manual can opener so you don’t get stuck trying to open cans with no electricity available! 


Basic First Aid Supplies  


In the event of an earthquake, there may not be access to medical care right away due to damage caused by the quake. Having basic first aid supplies like bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, scissors, tweezers, pain relievers, and other items like instant cold compresses can help relieve minor injuries until more serious medical attention is available.  It’s also important to include a first aid guidebook so you know how to properly use all the supplies included in your kit.


Emergency Communication Gear   


In an emergency situation like an earthquake it’s important to stay connected with family members who may be separated from one another or unable to reach each other because of damaged cell towers or networks. Make sure you have walkie talkies or two-way radios* (preferably ones with rechargeable batteries) stored in your kit so you can easily communicate with one another during the aftermath of an earthquake if phone lines are down or cell service isn’t available.* If possible, also consider having a satellite phone in case traditional phone lines are knocked out as well; this could provide vital communication links when all else fails.    


Earthquakes are unpredictable and often devastating events that require careful planning ahead of time. By having the essential supplies ready for use before an event occurs, you will be better equipped for whatever comes your way during or after an earthquake strikes. Be sure your kit includes enough food and water for everyone in your household for three days minimum; basic first aid supplies such as bandages and pain relievers and communication gear such as two-way radios and or satellite phones in order to stay connected with family members who may be separated from one another during the event itself.


Additionally, be sure to include a battery-powered radio, flashlights and extra batteries since power outages can occur. Other items that may prove useful during an earthquake are blankets and pillows for comfort, cash in case banks are closed, vital documents such as passports or birth certificates stored in a waterproof container and any medications you or your family may need. As earthquakes can occur at any time, it is best to be prepared by having these items on hand. By being prepared you can minimize the impact an earthquake may have on your life and your home.

By Leonel Thompson

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