Obtaining skills for nail art is great for every woman. That would bring to an end the dependence on salons to have exceptional nails. That is good since you will not spend money on nails again. However, getting this skill is not easy. It takes commitment to learning and practicing. Listed below are ways to acquire the nail art skills.


One of the most effective ways of learning about holographic nails is via observations. That only entails observing how an expert nail technician creates those designs. Initially it might appear strange and very complex. However, after a careful study, you will be able to follow the same steps to create similar design. Learning through observation is much easier and very effective.


The You Tube is the number one learning platform in the world. Apparently, there are live videos of various nail art technicians showcasing their skills. Hence, look for various You Tube channels of the best nail technicians. Check their videos more often. That is the simplest way to learn various nail art designs within the shortest time.

Daily practice

The internet is filled with countless nail art designs. Hence, you can start by creating some of the simplest designs. This type of learning requires constant practice. Daily practice requires a high level of discipline. Apparently, there are people who start well but fail to continue. That makes it harder for them to master creating rainbow nails. Be committed to practice to perfect the skill.

Nail art school

Going to a nail art school is a good option. Apparently, most individuals would love to start a career in nail art. The career is promising since a majority of women seek manicure and pedicure services. With the increasing number of students, the schools are quite many. Hence, look for a school with the best trainers in nail art. They can deliver quality knowledge and skill.


Do you have a manicurist for nail art? That is the most suitable person that can train this skill. However, not all manicurists will be willing to train their clients. That is because they feel they will lose the client after she captures the skill. That is true but a good expert will train interested clients how to design holographic nails and other designs. They will be joyful and willing to share their skill.


Do you have an interest in nail art? Without having any interest, you will manage to complete a course or training on nail art. Any slight challenge will be enough to kill your determination to learn. Hence, develop an interest to acquire nail art skills. The interest will be your number one motivating factor despite the upcoming challenges.


To acquire nail art skills investing time is very essential. In fact, the time invested will determine how fast a person grasps the skill. When you dedicate more time to learn rainbow nails, you will master it within a shorter time. Hence, create time from your busy schedule to have enough training time.

By Leonel Thompson

Anna Thompson: Anna, a former fashion editor, offers readers a curated look into the world of high fashion. Her blog features runway analysis, designer profiles, and style tips.