There is a wide range of clothing that can fall under the category of Christian apparel. Traditionally, cassocks, robes stoles and head-coverings were apparels which could differentiate Christians from the others. However, the modern Christian apparel has changed the trend quite a bit. You no more need to wear a certain apparel to express your belief in God but general apparels are modified to serve the same purpose. Now, appropriate words and Biblical verses printed on the tee shirts and dresses signify the apparels as being Christian.

Attributes of Modern Christian Apparel:

  • Comfort – Since Christian apparels today include clothes which people wear every day, they tend to be very comfortable. They include the same tee shirts and casual dresses. People can even choose to wear long sleeved or short sleeved apparels according to their preferences. They can even choose to wear loose fitting apparels if they feel to do so. All these ensure that people do not feel burdened to spread the message and positive vibes of God every day and everywhere.
  • Availability – The modern day and age enables people to find and purchase the Christian apparels of their own choice because of internet. You can get the perfect apparel for yourself or your family on online stores. You can now easily ignore the apparels with inappropriate words and graphics printed on mainstream clothing which have now flooded the stores.
  • Modifiability – There are many stores on the internet which provide the service of printing whatever the customer wants on the apparels hey want to buy. The customers can use these services to print their favourite lines or Biblical verses on the apparel of their choice. This would enable them to wear their favourite Christian apparels to every place they want.
  • Simplicity – The Christian apparels are very simple and non-flamboyant which make them appropriate for every place. Be it gym, or school or a friend’s place – they can be worn everywhere with ease.
  • Inclusive – The Christian apparel available today are suitable for people living in any weather condition. Those living in cool weathers can wear the long sleeved clothes or sweaters and those in warmer weather conditions can use the loose and short sleeved tee shirts with similar words printed on them promoting their faith.
  • Fashionable – With the Variety of Christian apparels available today, they can very well be used as a style statement. They can be treated as any other stylish piece of clothing, just with a message on it which would give it that edge.
  • A simple means to spread the faith – There are many people who are not aware of the scriptures in Christianity. The tee shirts and dresses with these holy words printed on them would enable people to read them instantly and keep it in their minds. People, without any efforts as such, can have a huge impact on the large number of people around them.
  • Identifiable – When numerous people gather in a public place, those wearing the Christian apparel would be identifiable by others as being a Christian. This would attract others of the same faith to interact with each other. These apparels can also be a conversation starter between Christians and those belonging to other religions.


There are multiple sources from which people can buy modern Christian apparel, however, they must make sure that they do the necessary research online and have a fair estimate of their sizes to help them buy the best apparels possible. They can obviously take suggestions from people knowledgeable about Bible scriptures on what lines they can print on their tee shirts, in case they go for custom-made apparels. People should grab this amazing opportunity to spread their love for the almighty and his messages by taking just a few easy steps.

By Leonel Thompson

Anna Thompson: Anna, a former fashion editor, offers readers a curated look into the world of high fashion. Her blog features runway analysis, designer profiles, and style tips.