Playing sport is first and foremost a question of motivation which often turns into a true philosophy of life. But when you want to make the most of the advantages of this physical exercise, running also becomes a question of equipment. And if sportswear can be trendy and affordable, when it comes to shoes, well-being comes first! Whether you run indoors, on asphalt or in the forest, you have to wear the right pair. We help you choose your sneakers!

Define the type of use: Why do you need new running shoes? To run on the road, for trails running on paths full of roots, to run only when the weather is nice or in the rain? Are you looking for a lightweight competition model or a solid all-rounder? If you run regularly and in different conditions, it becomes interesting to have several running shoes to take turns.

Determine the type of foot: Is your foot thin or wide, normal, flat, spread out, or arched? The specialist will analyze your foot quickly and competently using hodoscopes to determine the type. Also, inform the salesperson of your anatomical peculiarities (e.g. heel spine, hallux, claw toes etc.) A test run in front of the store or on the treadmill can also provide interesting information. This will allow the specialist to recognize your running style and see if you land on the ball of your foot, midline or heel. It will also be able to determine if you are walking normally or if your feet are coming in or out because you do not turn your feet enough.

Choose the right size: Official shoe sizes are not binding. Put on proper training socks and try on the suggested shoes. When standing, a space of one cm should be free between your toes and the tip of the shoe.

Conclusion: ¬†Your best bet is to test the shoes in front of the store and run like you are used to. Try to determine your impressions. The shoe should be comfortable. The technologies in your shoes can be exceptionally ingenious, but if you don’t feel comfortable in them, you won’t have fun running in them.



By Leonel Thompson

Anna Thompson: Anna, a former fashion editor, offers readers a curated look into the world of high fashion. Her blog features runway analysis, designer profiles, and style tips.