Without a doubt, the beauty industry is directed towards women, but this stereotype began to break with the advent of New York barbershops. It is more correct to say that the establishments began to revive, because barbershops and hairdressing salons intended exclusively for men existed before.

The range of services offered by barbers is full of a purely masculine character; it is haircut and shaving. The range of services is bordered by the parameters of prestigious men’s clubs. In fact, the barbershop is a place where all worthy of male attention activities are brought together: here you can relax at the billiard table, drink a little hot or watch an interesting match. The very atmosphere of such places does not allow the presence of women; brutality and courage are showed through in every detail of the interior.

Procedures for the care of appearance are significantly different from the usual hairdresser manipulations. This is not only manual and machine haircut, but also work with a beard and moustache. Among professional barbers (masters of haircuts and beard correction) we can meet some women, because learning such skills is quite difficult.

The level of service institutions is equal to the elite beauty salons, but the barbershop is extremely democratic, here the client’s income level is not important, his appearance or lack of high-class manners, the main thing is the desire for friendly communication.

The design of a beard, which has become the trend of recent years, can be carried out both by conventional means and with the help of a razor. Popular royal shave is warming up the skin with hot towels. Hairdressing services include men’s manicure and camouflaging gray hair, because the respectability of the client depends on how well the procedures are rendered.

Surprisingly, barbershops are becoming not only an institution for maintaining male beauty, but also a place where new acquaintances are made and real men’s friendship begins.

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By Leonel Thompson

Anna Thompson: Anna, a former fashion editor, offers readers a curated look into the world of high fashion. Her blog features runway analysis, designer profiles, and style tips.