When it comes to styling and cutting a little girls hair, very few people know what to actually do, leading them to have the same boring hairstyles for their little girls.


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Here are 20 Adorable Hairstyles and Haircuts for little girls;

  1. Classic Cuteness

A combination of braids and pigtails works great for both long and short hair and is also what gives this hairstyle is classic charm.

  1. Curly Q

As the name suggests, a few extra ribbons of curls into medium length hair will set is as the epitome of hairstyles for girls.

  1. Natural Beauty

Letting the hair fa in its natural waves and adding in a zig zag parting will bring out the natural beauty of a girls hair.

  1. Textured Twists

Textured hair trimmed into a short Bob and with stray strands of hair framing the face for more definition make up this style.

  1. Soft Curls

Hairstyles for girls with longer hair are plenty, but these soft curls are sure to put on show healthy hair and make little girls happy.

  1. Holiday Girl

Bouffant, big red bows and extra curls at the ends makes this hairstyle perfect for all holiday occasions.

  1. Long Bob

For girls who crave the sophisticated and grown up look, the long bob is just the right hairstyle for this.

  1. Short and Sweet

Unlike the long bob, short and sweet features a full and healthy head of chin length hair and with bangs for extra wow.

  1. Sassy Sweetness

A mixture of a tight braid on one side of the head and loose curls on the other give this hairstyle perfect contrast

  1. Perfect Princess

Princess hairstyles for girls are all the rage and this hairstyle is simple and quick to do.


Criss-Cross Braid Pigtails American Girl Doll Hairstyle! (Click through for tutorial)

  1. Daisy Jane

Preteen girls love flowers and want to look grown up as well. This hairstyle and cut allows for both and micro braids add texture.

  1. Braided Bonnie

Longer than shoulder length is great for braided ponytails. Spice this style up with a slide part and colorful hairbands.

  1. Sweetheart Susie

With a simple tousled ponytail and twisted bangs held back by a single headband make this a fun get casual hairstyle.

  1. French Braid Felicity

French braids are another classic – the hairstyle allows for hair to be kept away from the face and all in a popular hairstyle.

  1. Ballerina Bella

Two twisted buns with bows brings the convenience of pigtails and classic look together and on one head.

  1. Cute Caitlin

Blunt bangs are another timeless hairstyle for girls – they are functional and look cuter than ever.

  1. Beautiful Bailey

The standard short Bob is given a revamp in the way of a side part and small French braids that are held back to keep the hair away from the face.

  1. Ponytail Paige

Create a fun and fashionable upgrade to the classic ponytail by adding sections of hair at a time and lots of colorful hairbands.

  1. Hip Hailey

A variation of the classic pigtails, this hairstyle only holds up small sections of hair to keep it away from the face

  1. Lovely Lucy

Combining a braid and a soft side ponytail, add bow’s and elastic fro this easy hairstyle.

By Leonel Thompson

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